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Soma Friesergård er stolte av å ta del i Norges Friesermiljø, og ser at Friesernorge har kommet utrolig langt med tanke på kvalitet på rasen. Vi har også et godt samarbeid de fleste oppdretterne seg imellom, og vi har et forbund som jobber til det beste for rasen. Det har i 2008 vært arrangert en hel del aktiviteter for Frieserhest rundt om i landet, og Friesere har utmerket seg mer og mer også på dressurbanen. Vi har i tillegg fått meget gode skussmål på rasens kvalitet fra Hollandske dommere på kåringene i Norge, så det viser at arbeidet som er lagt ned i årenes løp har gitt resultater. Vi ønsker at kvaliteten på rasen i Norge skal opprettholdes på det gode nivået det er i dag, og vi håper at alle seriøse oppdrettere kan få til mye bra også i fremtiden.

Artikkelen under er skrevet av vår samarbeidspartner i Holland (hvor våre salgshester kommer fra) som har fulgt med på utviklingen i Friesernorge de siste årene, samt også opplevd det på kroppen. Han har meget god erfaring med Frieser, og har en del gode tips å komme med når det gjelder å opprettholde det gode miljøet vi alle så gjerne vil ha i landet. I artikkelen vil det også belyses en del ting som har vært kommentert tidligere på nettet eller blandt Friesereiere.


Article written by Arnold Wemmenhove, owner of the stallionstation De Voorsprong and The Friesian breedingstallion Tietse 428. Tietse was approved on basis of his sportsacchievements. Arnold Wemmenhoves goal oriented training liftet the stallion Tietse to the highest dressagelevel, Grand Prix dressage. He was also the owner and trainer of the approved Friesian stalllions Mewes and Olgert. Olgert had the highest scores ever at the stalliontests, so there is no doubt that Arnold Wemmenhoves training methods are working. He has trained many horses for keuring for star, model and has every year young stallions for the stallionshow. His traningmethods are always fair to the horses, and the goal is flexible, relaxed and long lasting horses. Soma Friesergård use many of his methods in our training of the saleshorses, and with great sucsess.



I have a stallionstation, breedingfarm and salesstable, and my work is breeding, training and selling horses. This has been my work the last 12 years since internet came. Before that, our family, as far as history books will prove, owned and bred Friesians, since 1880. We have at home about 20 top quality broodmares. We exported to the USA more than 1000 Friesians in 10 years. I think it is very important with quality in the Friesian breed, and personaly I always want the best quality. The best quality does not directly mean the pedigree but first the quality of the horse. It is for the most people a dream to own a Friesian and not everybody can pay 100.000 euro for a model mare.



In Holland we don't have so much cometition between the sales stables or the breeders. If someone is doing good at a keuring, we congratulates them and are happy for them. A good horse is a good horse, and serious breeders are always doing a good job.

Good example!!! At a keuring where I was in august 2008 (Riska, Sandnes), Soma Friesergårds foal (by Tietse) deserved a .1 premie, as the only one, so normally this foal would be Champion. But there where people who where to late with entering the foal on time for keuring (the foal was owned by I arranged with the judges that the foal could be judged because I saw directly that it was a good foal. Judges agreed and the foal get a 1. premie and beated Soma Friesergårds Tietse foal ! SHIT! NO, that is the way it has to be.

Don’t forget that the Friesian horse is in Holland a Culture Treasure and we are very very careful with the breed. It is always best for the breed if we can work together instead of work against eachother. The people who act negative about other farms they are in my eyes jalous on other people, and they have a problem by themself. Mostly this people is ONLY in the Friesian business for the quick $ . That is what we always say. They mostly have also no good relationships with dutch breeders and they never can buy the best. This people is coming and going. We absolute respect all of our colleage breeders and studfarms and specially the approved stallions. This is an extreme high status for a horse and if they get that status we have to RESPECT them! People who badmouth approved stallions are talking with complete nonsense and have deserved absolut NO respect and they must shame themeself if they act like that.


Prices on Friesian horse

In Holland a good quality Friesian horse has its price. A starmare with full pedigree costs starts at 18.000 euro (=162.000 NOK). A colt with a full pedigree costs from 5000 – 10.000 euro (=45.000-90.000 NOK) if they have the potentional to become an approved stallion. Mostly you also have to pay the breeders a fee when the stallion will be approved. A filly with full pedigree costs start from 5000 - >> euro (45000 NOK). The combination of the quality of the horse and the pedigree makes the price of the horse.

The quality has its price, and cheap horses/foals are most likely not good quality and then not much worth. They have no breedingvalue, only the value in forexample pleasure. In Norway the foals has to be even more expensive, because it is much more expensive to make the mare in foal in your country. You have to import semen, pay taxes of the semen, pay the vet and the stablecosts at a stallionstation, and ofcourse pay the studfee to the stallionowner. It is not for sure that the mare will get in foal the first insemination/heat, and the vet costs are expensive. But keep up the good work, the good quality, and the thing is that you always pay for what you get, and in the long run quality lasts !

Because the top is very expensive a lot of brokers sell Friesians with a great story for a to much to high price. It is always important to buy a Friesian from someone who have the horse in training and works with the horse every day. So they can tell you everything about the horse positive and negative, because the perfect horse doesn’t exist, because I have him (joke). Never buy from a person who has only made video of the horse and try to sell it like that.

Even if you think a horse is ugly someone else thinks it is the most pretty horse in the world so respect that also. For every woman exist also a man. And for every man is a woman. They only have to find eachother, and it is the same with horse. And if the horse find the right home that is the work of us.



We normally make our young horses saddlebroke at the age of 3. When my grandfather worked with the Friesians at the pasture when he had not tractors, he started at 2 years. The worked the whole day at the pastures, but believe me, they where in good hands. We want the young horses to develope free movements under the saddle, and it is very important that the training is fair to the horses. We want happy horses that enjoys life and also enjoys the training. We never train long maybe 4x a week and not longer than 30 min. We also never train hard, and we try to take them outside to the woods and roads to let them learn different things. Education and management is very important to make the horse successfull in sport. Same like children.

There are 10 million training ways and many ways to reach your goal. Everybody rides a different road.

Even if I have a lot off experience and drove that road many times with success, I learn every day and I try to educate myself to look and listen to other people. Off course I respect that people have other thoughts about training systems but never say that we are not fair to our horses because than you talk as a chicken without a head. Normally I don’t care what people think about me or about our systems, but when they badmouth people, then you can ask yourself: What did they do with horses before, succes? Sport? Keuring results? There is also a lot off bad talking of the German dressage riders of the Dutch trainingsystem. I can say that I am proud of Anky when she takes again the Gold Olympic plade. Maybe the Germans are jalous? Respect!Don’t talk bad about eachother !!



We are travelling all around the world doing clinics. Keuringclinics, dressageclinics, drivingclinics etc...We have also been in Norway for clinics and for keurings and we are very satisfied with the good quality of Friesian horses in your country. This year the champions in both keurings in Norway came from our stable. We are proud of that, and this prooves that we sell horses with a future. Off course not everybody can have the champion but at least a good horse that you can show to the Dutch judges without any shame.

Even the judge said this year that the quality is good in Norway, and a very good basic for a serious breedingplan. If some people then have to show their horses in another country they must shame themselves that they can not work together under the Norway club.

So people, a heavy message; Now put your coat on, brush the horse and do something. Good luck, enjoy your horse, treat it like you want to be treated yourself. Think with your brain and give love with your heart, only then you and your horse are the most lucky creatures on earth. Believe me, it is an honor for me to work every day with the Black Beauties. Respect them, they are holy.

Arnold Wemmenhove






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